Things to do - general

Putao is located in Kachin State, Myanmar which is also the northernmost town of Kachin State. It was once the site of World War II British Fort Hertz. Transportation to get to Putao has a bit of constraint as getting to Putao by road is only available during summer, however; it is accessible year round by air if there are enough visitors/tourists group to justify a plane.

Putao is popular for having rare orchids which grow naturally in the area. Obviously, it is the place for those who love orchid to visit and a rare orchid specie name called “Black Orchid” grow in the mountains western and eastern of Putao. The weather in Putao can be said cooler than the rest of the entire Myanmar and iceberg and mountain covered in snow can be seen almost throughout the year in certain part of Putao.

Moreover, local people inhabitant around the uphill and mountains area are friendly and helpful so that most tourists can arrange their own hiking and mountain climbing trips with local community. Therefore, Putao is the best place for those who would like to go for a bit of adventurous trip with friendly local people to explore the deep nature of the mountain cilvilization.

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